Vince McMahon Paid $12 Million to Cover Up His Mistakes- Reports

Vince McMahon stepped down as the CEO of WWE due to several allegations.

The Wall Street Journal published the money he had to pay to cover up his mess.

According to a report, Vince paid  $3 million to a former paralegal with whom he had sexual relations.

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It was found out that there were 4 women involved in this matter and one of them was a wrestler.

Vince had to pay around more than $12 million.

The wrestler mentioned that she was forced into giving him oral sex.

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Later she was demoted from the company as she refused to have a sexual relationship with him.


In 2018 Vince paid her $7.5 million for her silence.

Vince also had to pay $1 million to a former WWE contractor as he had sexually harassed her.

In 2006 Vince had a settlement of $1 million with a former manager with whom he had a sexual relationship.

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