Vince McMahon Speaks for the First Time Since Accusation of Alleged Affair

Amid allegations of allegedly siphoning off $3 million in settlement money to a former WWE employee, Vince McMahon spoke for the first time on WWE SmackDown.

The former WWE CEO appeared for the first time since the allegations put against him to address the WWE Universe.


According to the preliminary findings, McMahon had an alleged affair with a former WWE employee, and to hide that, he had sent $3 million to the said person.

Since the allegations, McMahon has also stepped down from his role as WWE CEO.

In a truly surprising turn of events, Vince McMahon appeared on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown. However, he had nothing to say about the on-going investigation.

McMahon entered the arena with a huge cheer from the WWE crowd present, and was treated with a warm reception.

McMahon exclaimed he was honored to be present inside the WWE ring, and reflected on WWE's tagline, "Then, Now, Forever" and emphasized on the word, "together" as he exited the WWE ring in what marked his first public statement after the allegations.

In a clear indication to the "show must go on" Vince McMahon's statement, while may not have been regarding the allegation, but spoke highly of WWE's continuity with or without him. 

Stephanie McMahon has returned to WWE to assume duty as interim CEO.


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