Nate Diaz comes down to support Brandon Moreno

Nate Diaz and Brandon Moreno share a great relationship with each other.

While the love for mixed martial arts is apparent, Diaz and Moreno are also bussiness partners.

Moreno has been often spotted posing like Nate Diaz sending a smile on the faces of many fight fans.

Diaz at UFC 270

Nate Diaz was inside the building during UFC 270.

Brandon Moreno is sponsored by Diaz's clothing brand Represent.

Diaz and Moreno first came face to face at UFC 263.

Nate Diaz made headlines after he lit a THC joint during the pre-fight press conference ahead of UFC 263.

Once again, Diaz was seen lighting a J as the camera rolled towards him during the live coverage of UFC 270.


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