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What Did Roger Federer Say to Rafael Nadal Before Retiring

By: Jeron Jacob

The past few weeks have been quite tough not only for tennis fans but also for everyone who loves sports as few greatest athletes have announced their retirement.

The Swiss great, Roger Federer announced that the 2022 Laver cup would be the final match of his professional tennis career.

To make things more special Federer played his farewell match alongside non-other than his biggest rival and his best buddy on the court, Rafael Nadal.

During the Laver cup, Federer revealed that he had already told Nadal about his retirement 10 days before Federer officially announced it.

He said, "Rafa, I let him know probably ten days ahead of time. Because I wanted to let him know that I was maybe going to play doubles."

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Federer also added that he told Nadal if he could be present for his final match alongside him it would be very special for him and the fans.

Nadal's withdrawal soon after their match proved that he still hasn't recovered from his injury and played this match only for Roger Federer.

These two might be the greatest rivals in the history of tennis. yet having such a beautiful bond and respect for each just shows the beauty of sports.

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