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What Happened Between Jon Jones and His Fiancé Jessie Moses?

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: UFC and Twitter

Jon Jones and his fiancé Jessie Moses started dating in their high school days. Though they went to different colleges, their romance continued.

In 2013, Jon finally proposed to Jessie, and recently they got engaged. They have three daughters: Leah, Carmen, and Olivia Haven.

Unfortunately, this apparently perfect tale was full of problems, starting with Jones’ positive drug tests twice, a DUI during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a hit-and-run case surrounding a pregnant woman.

Moreover, Jones was also accused of a domestic violence case in September 2021 at a hotel in Las Vegas. As per the reports, Jones was detained as he was exiting the hotel and was charged with battery.

Despite Jones' denials that he injured Jessie during the incident, sources assert that the scene's evidence and witness accounts were convincing.

The case was allegedly dropped after Jones accepted a plea agreement. In early 2022, Jones revealed on Twitter that Jessie had abandoned him and had no intention of returning.

However, after his UFC 285 training session got over, Jones wrote a moving letter to his squad where he also thanked his "beautiful fiancé" for her support, disclosing that his "wife" had stood by his side throughout the UFC 285 battle.

After Jessie Moses was seen with Jones in the arena, the fans finally confirmed that they were back together. Furthermore, Jones was seen hugging Moses inside the Octagon following his convincing victory over Ciryl Gane.

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