What Is Cesaro Doing Right Now?

It seems that Cesaro, former WWE Superstar is going to start a new innings in the Wrestling world.

Since letting his contract with WWE expire this past February, fans have been wondering what's next for former WWE United States and Tag Team Champion Claudio CSRO [FKA Cesaro in WWE].

Recently Cesaro’s close friend and WWE superstar Sheamus met Cesaro when he was in Florida and he mentioned what Cesaro is doing currently.

“I saw him the other day, I was over at his house and he’s built a whole brand new gym, it’s amazing. He’s still lifting weights like a lunatic. He still trains like a lunatic. He’s as hungry now as he’s ever been.”

Large Radish

He also changed his Twitter username to "ClaudioCSRO" and updated his bio to include his previous name, Claudio Castagnoli.

It also seems like he is prepping to return to wrestling. Just minutes before WWE's newest premium live event WrestleMania Backlash was about to air, the Swiss-born athlete added fuel to the flames by releasing an interesting tweet.

Since Cesaro's exit from WWE, many fans suspected The Swiss Cyborg was headed to All Elite Wrestling.

Although this has not yet occurred, recent hints suggest that he may be on his way sooner rather than later.

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