What is Roman Reigns' WWE Salary?

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest superstars in WWE right now.

After John Cena's departure from WWE, Vince McMahon has invested heavily in making Reigns the face of the company.

And Roman Reigns has certainly delivered after his heel turn.

And it's needless to say that WWE is appreciating Reigns with a lucrative contract.

As per reports, In 2022 Roman Reigns earned $5 Million in WWE.

Out of all the active superstars, only Brock Lesnar earns more than Roman Reigns with a $12 million contract.

Apart from that Randy Orton makes 4.5 Million while John Cena earns $8.5 million despite sitting on the sideline.

It is believed that Roman Reigns might jump into Hollywood soon, which will certainly make him less active in WWE.

And if that happens WWE is certainly going to struggle in the coming days in the absence of one of its biggest stars.