What is WWE Trying to do With Theory 

Off-late, WWE doesn't look like they have solid plans for Theory. It almost seems like they are messing it up.

Theory has been pushed as the next top face of WWE since the very start. However, WWE's plans aren't going as they would have hoped.

While he has had the support of the WWE universe, his increasing TV-time with Vince McMahon, and a booking that has seen him scale great heights already has really turned the fans against him.

Moreover, his recent victory at Money in the Bank, that saw him become the youngest superstar to hold the MITB briefcase has made things horrible. 

Additionally, his ongoing stint with Roman Reigns has certainly taken fans' attention away from Theory, who has succumbed to nothing but a Vince McMahon favourite.

And we all know the reputation of Vince McMahon amid this huge scandal. The selfie gimmick has also caught up with the Z-generation.

To top it all, WWE's persistent attempt at showcasing Theory as the next John Cena has completely taken the authenticity away from Theory, who might probably end up as a wannabe Cena and nothing more.

Be that as it may, there's no denying Theory's talent and his skillset inside the WWE ring. With time, he might get the respect, he so truly deserves for his work ethic, just like Roman Reigns.

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