What! Rafael Nadal Fails to Break Into Top-3 in Latest Rankings

Rafael Nadal has already won this year's US Open and French Open.

However, despite a stellar showing this season, Nadal ranks no. 4 in the latest ATP ranking.

To the fans’ surprise, Nadal ranks below Medvedev who hasn’t won a single title this year.

Nadal has only lost 3 out of his 33 matches this year.

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There is also another system called the "ATP Race" ranking.

Nadal ranks no.1 in the ATP race whereas Medvedev is at no. 8.

ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert has shared his views on this topic.


Gilbert said, “At this mid-point of the year, the Race standings are pretty reliable and more indicative of who is in top form.”

He added that in the ATP rankings Nadal is at no. 4 because he missed the Wimbledon and US Open last year.

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