What Went Wrong For Khamzat Chimaev Against Gilbert Burns?

Khamzat Chimaev won a close decision win against Gilbert Burns at UFC 273

Though he was a huge favorite to win the fight Burns almost got the win at UFC 273. More importantly, he humanized Chimaev and showed the world that he is not invincible

However, Chimaev did make a lot of mistakes in that fight, which made the job a lot more difficult for him

Kevin owens 

Chimaev should have gone for more takedowns after round 1.

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Gilbert Burns showed incredible takedown defense and even kept the offense going when he was on his back. And that must have discouraged Chimaev to engage with Burns on the ground

However, Chimaev was the stronger fighter and he would have had more success on the ground against Gilbert Burns. But, Chimaev decided to get into a striking battle.

Chimaev was having a lot of success with his jab and leg kicks at a range. However, he did not use his reach in the second round and got into a brawl with Burns, which almost cost him the match at UFC 273.

It's needless to say that Chimaev has a long way to go if he aims to establish himself as one of the GOATS.

But it can't be denied that Khamzat Chimaev is arguably the best prospect UFC has ever seen and he deserves a lot of credit for beating Burns in his 11th MMA fight.