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What’s So Special About Lionel Messi’s $200 Million Theme Park?

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

Lionel Messi is arguably one of the most skilled soccer athletes of all time. His exceptional ability to cut in and run past defenders with ease and elegance is what makes him the G.O.A.T.

Messi has had a successful career with loads of trophies, and such glamour and glory have propelled him to being one of the wealthiest soccer athletes currently.

Reports suggest that Messi has a net worth of around $620 million, from which he has spent a hefty portion of his capital on a highly ambitious project.

If sources are to be believed, Argentine No. 10 has spent approximately $200 million on a theme park located in China that will be named after himself.

Companies like MediaPro Exhibitions and Phoenix Group joined hands with the PSG wingman for this lavish project that is estimated to utilize 46,000 square meters of private space and 25,000 square meters of public space.

Sources claim that the Messi experience park will have luxurious amenities such as flying theaters, 360° domes, VR experiences, animatronics, and a performing arts center.

When Messi was interviewed regarding the MEP, he said, “I hope to provide the visitors with an experience they’ve never had before. Hopefully, they will feel that I am around when visiting the park.”

David Xirau, the head of MediaPro Exhibitions in an interview stated that the main motive behind building the Theme park revolving around Messi is to promote soccer in their country.

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