What's So Special About Roger Federer's Racket, Wilson Pro Staff Rf 97

Just like all the Tennis stars out there Roger Federer also has his own signature racket which sets him apart from the others.

The former world number 1 uses the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Racket with Champion's Choice strings attached alongside it.

Roger Federer previously used to play with the Wilson Pro Staff 90.

After a string of bad results and injury woes, Roger decided it was time to make the move to a bigger instrument and worked together with Wilson on a new, more powerful racquet.

Federer worked very closely with Wilson and checked on every minute detail to get the perfect version of his racket in the form of Wilson Pro Staff RF 97.

A lot of theorists claim that  Federer plays with a completely different Racket than what he claims to play with.

Roger Federer is one of the few tennis stars who let the general public access the racket through which he plays in the official tennis tournaments.

A lot of amateur players have claimed that by using the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 they have improved their game by a lot.

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