When DC's Green Arrow Wrestled in WWE

The television superhero has always claimed his love towards pro wrestling and the desire to set a foot in the ring

The Arrow fame locked horns with “Stardust” Cody Rhodes following their social media brawl, after the death of the legedary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes’s father

Stardust, by the time, already evolved into what that looked like a DC vilian, fabricated his way to a potential rivalry with the DC superhero

When Stardust noticed the familiar face in the audience, while sneaking an attack on Neville, things got serious in no time, ending up in an exchange of blows

The brawl between the two led the Green Arrow beg a match at Summerslam teaming up with “the Red Arrow” Neville against Stardust and King Wade Barrette

The duo stood victorious in the tag team match and the end of the clash with Stardust followed

Amell seems to have kept his ties with WWE. Recently he praised the legend killer Randy Orton for his work in COVID era in the absence of audience. He quoted ‘the impact Randy Orton has had on the success of WWE has been massive in the COVID era and he is likely to be awarded the “best WWE superstar” and “best wrestler” awards when all’s said and done’

He was also seen taking a dig at John Cena, whose character in ‘Peacemaker’ roasts several superheroes of the DC comics including the Green Arrow. Cena’s character says that “Green Arrow goes to brony conventions and is dressed like the back half of twilight sparkle with a 4-inch-wide butthole drilled in the outfit.”

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