Take a look  at the time Gregg Popovich Trolled James Harden at Team USA training

In 1996 he became the head coach for the Spurs.

Gregg Popovic  got his first coaching job  in the NBA  in 1988 as an assistant coach.

Due to his  success in  San Antonio,  he got offered  the head coaching position for  Team USA in 2015.

 The coaching position for Team USA  gives Pop  a lot of  time to spend with  the best  players in  the NBA.

In 2018, Coach Pop gave  the players a  tasty incentive

"Whoever Wins the Drill gets a Car."

However, when the  drills ended  he awarded  the winners a Hotwheels Toy Car

"We ran some drills, and I told the winners they were going to get a car, I’d buy them a car.

I had to follow through,  so I bought them cars.... they all laughed, they thought it was funny.  - Said Pop

James Harden won one of these cars and said this.

"Pop said he was going to get us all cars, so I thought he was talking about an actual car. He got us a toy car"

What would  you do  if you  were in Harden's place?


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