When Kevin Hart Brought the Jokes To WWE Raw

Comedian, Kevin Hart made a guest appearance on WWE Monday Night RAW back in June of 2014.

The movie star arrived to promote his movie  "Think like a man too”

Hilarious as ever, the comedian made great funny remarks on the commentary table for the match between Adam Rose and Fandango

Prior to the match Hart and Rose had a brief encounter backstage which seemed like to be planting a seed for a dance-off in the future

And we were indeed correct for after Adam Rose’s victory, Hart joined the party with some dancing moves of his own

The comedian later talked about his experience in WWE on shows like The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon

“cant stop talking in my wrestler voice”

 “Triple H has hands size of my chest. He taps on my chest and my heart stops beating”

He also talked about his victory dance with Rose “Iam the only grown a** man who went through the lower part of the ring, no wrestler does that”

Kevin Hart's tie with WWE re-ignited when the legendary  Undertaker appeared on the movie stars ‘cold as balls’ YouTube series where the pair endured ice baths while having a chat

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