When Kevin Owens Absolutely Destroyed Machine Gun Kelly Inside the WWE Ring

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly appeared on WWE Monday night Raw, back in 2015.

Mgk has claimed his admiration for the ring on several occasions.

'Mind of a Stoner'  fame performed his single "Little more sending waves" of thrills to the crowd.

After the performance, Kevin Owens entered the arena, unhappy about his stolen thunder, landed a brutal powerbomb on Machine Gun Kelly out of nowhere.

“I didn’t like the guy and I wanted to piss him off. Yeah man, I’d love to slap a table across Kevin Owens’ head, and then I’d love to do another performance that incorporates more of my band. I would love to perform ‘Bad Motherf*****’ on either Raw or at WrestleMania, because that’s the song I have with Kid Rock and I think it just matches the vibe of WWE so much.”

Was The Angle Where Kevin Owens Powerbombed Him off The Stage a Dream Come true?: “100%.”

Kevin Owens later revealed the details of the action that he “just felt like it.”

The then NXT champion was made to apologize via social media

MGK on how did he get to work with WWE- “John Cena really thought that the song ‘Invincible’ matched his movement that he had going on, and it would describe where he was at in his career. As my song started to play as a soundtrack to one of the most popular wrestlers in wrestling history, I think our brands just grew closer together, and it culminated with the WrestleMania appearance.

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