When NBA legend LeBron James met MMA legend Anderson Silva

Two of the greats of a sport in the same frame is certainly a delight for sports fans.

That's what happened back in 2012, when NBA legend LeBron James met MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva defended his middleweight gold against Chael Sonnen back at UFC 148.

Waiting to meet him backstage was none other than LeBron James.

Two of the greatest in the game, Anderson Silva and LeBron James in the same frame certainly brought a smile on sports fans around the world.

Not a lot has changed since then, as LeBron James continues to mount his dominance in the court with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva after retiring from mixed martial arts continues to rule the world of combat sports with his quite successful boxing stint.

Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

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