When Wolverine Got His Claws Out In WWE

Hugh Jackman’s cameo on WWE monday night Raw back in september 2011 is considered to be one of most pre-eminent celebrity cameos of all times

The X-Men star was out in the ring to promote his movie Real Steel

Jackman sided with Zack Ryder in the ringside as reinforcement in a match against the then United States Champion Dolph Ziggler

The feud started between the two with some exchange of words, in which Jackman said he could “find any underachiever and help them to victory”,which led to the entrance of Zack Ryder in the scene

When vickie guerrero, Ziggler's manager was banned from ringside by the referee, Jackman took the opportunity to punch his opponent, which knocked Ziggler senseless, allowing Ryder to pin down the former champion

The punch reportedly later caused Ziggler a hairline mandibular fracture. Hugh Jackman said in an interview that he wanted to hit ziggler in the shoulder or neck but accidentally ended up punching him in the jaw which was later found to be fractured

Ziggler revealed that he was a Fan And Asked Jackman To Punch Him As Hard As Possible Which Was Also Confirmed by Jackman

Reportedly the movie star later sent Ziggler a case of beer as a token of apology for the act

Jackman made his appearance on monday night raw again in 2014, this time alongside Ziggler in a hilarious segment where Damian Sandow walked into the arena dressed as Magneto

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