Where is Shane McMahon Amid Huge Chaos in WWE

WWE is going through some rough times right now, and we have no-one but former CEO Vince McMahon to blame.

While the allegations put against him aren't proved yet, it has certainly brought bad headlines for the company and has put in a very tough situation.

As many as five law firms are currently investigating the entire WWE Board of Directors.

Vince McMahon is also being investigated for allegedly sending $3 million as settlement money to hide an affair with a former WWE employee.

This has brought in Stephanie McMahon back from her leave of absence, as she resumed the duty of interim CEO.


Meanwhile, Triple H recently announced "he is back" to the NXT roster, as further steps are taken to ensure WWE is running smoothly.

However, still missing is from WWE is Vince McMahon's son Shane McMahon, who could be a valuable asset at this time.

Shane McMahon was last seen at the Royal Rumble, and according to various reports at the time, he was ousted from any role in WWE creative.

Shane was fired from WWE after self-serving as a producer during the Royal Rumble, and making a lot of influential WWE stars angry with his decisions.


Recently, Triple H attended Shane McMahon's son Declan's graduation. However, Shane was nowhere to be seen in the photos.

It won't be surprising to see Shane McMahon come back to WWE considering WWE is in dire need of someone from the McMahon family who can bring in good name to the company.

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