Possible Weight Class for  Nick Diaz Return




Nick Diaz is all set to make his Highly Anticipated return in 2021

Here's a look at possible weight classes for Nick Diaz return


Nickolas Robert Diaz is a former WEC and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and has 3 Title Defences under his regime. He also fought for the UFC Welterweight Title twice and is arguably the Greatest Welterweight  of his era.


The most likely scenario for Nick Diaz return will be to Lightweight. However, Nick Diaz has not fought at Lightweight since 2007 in a long time. According to the recent info Nick Diaz did a successful weight cut and now weighs in at 165-175.


Undoubtable he had the most success at Welterweight, which was his most prime division, as he was the WEC and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion. He also fought twice for the UFC Title. So, it wouldn't be surprising if he return to 170.


Nick Diaz competed at Middleweight in his last fight in 2015 against Anderson Silva, But it's the most unlikely scenario that Nick will return to 185lbs as now he weighs-in around 165-175lbs in a successful weight cut during the fight camp.

Nick Diaz currently holds a 26-9-0-2 record and his return is expected to be the most electrifying moment of the sport as Diaz is the most fan favourite fighter