Who Won the Royal Rumble 2022?

Royal Rumble 2022 was a huge success.

While the fans had their fair share of complains, Royal Rumble still managed to put up an exciting and entertaining show for the fans.

Ronda Rousey is back! 

In the Women's Royal Rumble, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey were the last two women inside the ring.

Rousey eliminated Flair to win the Royal Rumble 2022. 

Brock Lesnar gets it after 19 years.

In the Men's Royal Rumble, Lesnar and McIntyre were the last two men. Lesnar eliminated McIntyre to win the Royal Rumble 2022. 

The last time Lesnar won the Royal Rumble was 19 years ago.

Who do you think Lesnar and Rousey will face at WrestleMania 38?

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