Why are fans turning against Joe Rogan?

His views on vaccination

Although he is not completely opposed to vaccines, Rogan is against the idea of younger people receiving the jab. 

Choice of Guests

Joe Rogan is definitely not afraid of having controversial figures be a part of his show. However, it has irked some traditional entities.

His Spotify deal

Spotify is one of the biggest media outlets in the world. Hence, his deal with the company has brought a lot of eyes to his podcast. As a result, Rogan's views have gotten a lot of unwanted press.

Use of a Racial Slur

A recent montage surfaced where Rogan was seen using a certain racial slur on a certain occasions over a period of time.

Outside Influence

A bunch of celebrities publicly stated that they will remove their programming from Spotify if Rogan's podcast is not pulled from the platform.

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