Why Batista Could Never Become as Big as the Rock and John Cena

Batista was very famous in WWE and had a lot of milestones to his name. He was also one of the top performers of WWE in his time.

However, despite an incredible career, and an oozing personality, he could never become as big as The Rock or John Cena.

Batista's rise to prominence started with his feud with Triple H in the WWE.

However, polarizing reactions from fans halted his rise as a Superstar numerous times.

A major problem with Batista was that he was prone to injuries. In 2006 during a match with Mark Henry, Batista tore his right tricep. So because of this, he had to vacate his Championship.

While an incredible athlete, and one of the most promising superstar on the microphone, Batista was never as regular on WWE programming as some of the other Superstars.

As John Cena and Rock were the faces of the company at that time and Batista was a ball full of anger, it was much easier for the fans to side with John Cena and The Rock.

Batista during an interview with Chris Jericho said that the company wanted someone who would smile and do whatever was told to them and Batista could not do that.

While Batista enjoys a successful Hollywood career, as a WWE Superstar, who doesn't come close to The Rock or John Cena.

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