Why Charlotte Flair Shouldn't Break Ric Flair's WWE Record

Boy, did The Queen taken to Sports Entertainment like a fish to water; just like her dad.

Ever since her NXT days, Charlotte has been ear-marked for success in WWE.

The Queen is already a 13x Women's World Champion in WWE; the most title reigns that a female wrestler has had there, period.

She's held every active singles title in WWE right now, plus the Divas Championship.

Charlotte is 3 title runs short of tying her father's WWE record, but she shouldn't get there any time soon.

Ric Flair is a titan of pro-wrestling, a man who has literally traveled the globe winning titles and selling out arenas.

Even on his worst day, Flair's character work was on point. He became the face of American wrestling thanks to his larger-than-life existence.

It's why John Cena is the only one to have even come close to breaking Flair's record; Cena defined WWE during his run as its top guy and was rewarded for his Hustle, Loyalty & Respect.

Charlotte, sadly, is neither a compelling character nor a proven draw for WWE.

She's one of the best in-ring performers in WWE and can obviously cut a good promo. 

It's the fact that fans are tired of The Queen that is stopping her from realizing her full potential.

And being champion for most of her main roster run has made her rather stale.

After she loses to Ronda Rousey at Night 1 of WrestleMania 38, Charlotte should be nowhere near the title picture until she has firmly found her footing as a character.

And whenever she does, her title reigns should hold much more significance than wanting to be WWE "Supervillain".

Otherwise, the Flair household might be better off with just one 16x World Champion on its roster.

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