Why Did Cody Rhodes Leave AEW?

The internet is buzzing over Cody Rhodes’ departure from AEW

Cody Rhodes was one of the co-founders of AEW

Cody and his Bullet Club buddies joined hands with Tony Khan to form the promotion

It all started when Dave Meltzer said that their team could not sell out 10,000 seats

Cody accepted the challenge and in fact, they sold out in under 2 minutes

2019 was the year AEW was born

Since then the company has grown so much

Cody Rhodes specifically has had a good run in AEW

Rhodes was the first-ever TNT Champion and has won the title twice

Last year, it was rumoured that Rhodes and the Elite were having issues between them and later on Rhodes also confirmed that the rumours were true

Cody’s AEW contract reportedly expired back in December of 2021

Cody wanted more money, in fact, he wanted equal pay as Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. But since he is not as active as the rest of the Elite, Tony did not feel that was fair. Thus Cody did not re-sign with the company.

What is next for Cody Rhodes?


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