Why Did Serena Williams Demand an Apology From Referee at Us Open 2018

Serena Williams has been one of the most prolific tennis players of this era with over 23 grand slam wins to her name.

Williams hasn’t been free from controversies, especially when she lost her cool at the line umpire during the US Open 2018.

During the US Open 2018 finals against Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams accused the umpire of sexism and said she had not been cheating.

Due to repeated violations of the tennis codes, Serena Williams was docked of a game and a point that prevented her from making a comeback.

Umpire Carlos Ramos charged Serena with three code violations for receiving coaching, racket abuse and arguing with the umpire.

The chair umpire gave Serena her first warning after he claimed that Patrick Mouratoglou, her coach was giving her hand signals.

The second warning was handed to Serena Williams after she smashed the racket in frustration. The second warning led to a point penalty for her.

The third warning which led to her being penalized of a game was when Serena Williams argued with the umpire and called him a thief.