Why Does Theory Click Selfies After His Fights?

We have seen how Austin Theory clicks selfies after he attacks or defeats a superstar. But why does he do that ?

If we think of it, the selfie can be used as a threat and then the threat can be followed through by the respective person.

That’s what Austin Theory did to Dominik Mysterio on Monday Night Raw this week, and somehow it actually worked.

Another reason for clicking selfies can be is to be different and unique. This is what Austin also feels that clicking selfies makes him different from other superstars.

Its a great way of connecting with the audiences and it also attracts youngsters to Austin.

It becomes a trademark which sticks to your name. That's what has happened with Austin's selfie gimmick which always gets noticed.

Talking of gimmicks, Austin is always said to have adopted the gimmick of Tyler Breeze.

But Austin is not bothered about it and he says that he is no way similar to any superstar. He is being his own self and trying to be different and unique in the business.