Jorge  Masvidal "The Street Jesus"

Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal is given  the nickname of "The Street Jesus" by the MMA community. Here's a look at why he is  called as "The Street Jesus"


Jorge Masvidal is from Miami, Florida. But he is a Cuban-American. His father flew from the Communist Regime in Cuba and settled in Miami. He didn't had a proper job. Hence, Masvidal had a rough childhood and started doing Street Fighting.

MasvidalFights at Kimbo Slice Backyard

Hence, Masvidal was given the Nickname of "The Street Jesus" by the MMA fans, because he was a former street fighter and he also possess the ability to put people to sleep.

I am not too much online, so I don't see these things until like this moment if somebody shows it to me. I am not Jesus in any way, shape, or form, and I want nobody to hate me because people doing these memes. I am baptizing people with these hands, but I am not God. Nothing like that.

5 sec KO at UFC-239 against Ben Askren


            UFC-244  BMF TITLE FIGHT

Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz at UFC-244 in Madision Square Garden, New York. Although it ended with a Anti-Climatic Doctor's Stoppage in R-4. But Masvidal was pretty must dominant throughout fight. Finally 'Rock' Johnson wrapped the BMF belt around Masvidal.

Masvidal also headlined the first fight card on the UFC Fight Island, Which sold 1.3M PPV