Why Is Stefanos Tsitsipas the Most Hated Tennis Player in the World?

Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the most talented tennis players on court in 2022 however, his bad attitude has made him one of the most hated tennis players.

There is no denying that Tsitsipas is a great player of tennis on the court, but his behavior and unsportsmanship-like behavior has earned him a negative image.

Stefanos has argued with the umpire several times on court in a disrespectful manner. A lot of players generally argue with the umpires however, they usually apologize later on.

Tsitsipas has been caught taking instructions from his father several times in the middle of a match. Tennis is not a team sport and the on court decisions are to be strictly made by the players.

Stefanos has made racially motivated statements against a French umpire and also Daniil Medvedev during a match.

Stefanos has been rude with the ball boys and girls on several instances and has vented out his frustrations on them.

Every player on the court has rivalries with each other like Federer and Nadal. But the rivalries made by Stefanos with Zverev and Medvedev seem disrespectful due to his conduct with them.

Stefanos is currently ranked number 4 in the ATP rankings.