Will Brock Lesnar Win at Elimination Chamber?

Brock Lesnar is one of the challengers for Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title in an Elimination Chamber match.

Besides this, Brock Lesnar has also won the Royal Rumble and is set to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at WrestleMania.

Bobby Lashley is currently the WWE Champion only because Roman Reigns interfered in the match and attacked Brock Lesnar.

WWE unfortunately has put itself in a tough situation

If Brock Lesnar wins, Bobby Lashley looks weak and this could be the downfall for Lashley

If Brock Lesnar loses, he is heading into WrestleMania as a loser and automatically the fans are not interested given the fact that Lesnar is no longer a threat to the Tribal Chief.

The Beast has been asking for a Title vs Title match against Roman Reigns.

Considering Lesnar and Reigns have battled each other a handful of times, a Title vs Title match does add some intrigue to the match.

The Elimination Chamber is the final roadblock before WrestleMania and is most likely the last opportunity for Lesnar to win the WWE Title.

Brock Lesnar should win the WWE Title and he has to pin Bobby Lashley to do so

If WWE is smart and which they are, Lashley will enter the Chamber at number 1 and will thrive by defeating each entrant one by one.

Lesnar will be the final entrant and he will defeat the weakened Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley remains strong as he survived the match and eliminated 4 superstars.

The Beast leaves with the WWE Title and thus will walk into WrestleMania looking equally strong as Roman Reigns.

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