Will Cody Rhodes Join WWE After AEW Departure?

The biggest news of the day is Cody Rhodes’ departure from AEW

Since the news broke out, there are speculations that Rhodes will be returning to WWE

Will Cody return to WWE?

Andrew Zarian reported that WWE management considered Cody’s departure from AEW as a victory for WWE and that Cody’s camp have contacted WWE

The only company that will pay the money that Cody wants is WWE

Although, during his entire run in AEW, Cody was talking trash about WWE and that does beg the question if WWE will offer Rhodes a contract

When it comes to WWE, you may never know

If Rhodes indeed joins WWE, it will be a huge slap in the face for AEW

So far it has only been a one-way street. Wrestlers released by WWE have then signed with AEW. So, if one of the Co-founders of AEW jumps ship and now joins WWE that will be a huge blow for AEW.

It might be WCW all over again


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