“With My Ninja” - Nate Diaz Goes on an Outing With UFC Legend

It's no secret to the UFC fans that the Diaz brothers share a close relationship with UFC legend BJ Penn.

Nate diaz and bj penn are great friends.

In a recent story posted by Nate Diaz, the Stockton Slugger can be seen with former UFC champion BJ Penn.


In the video posted by Nate Diaz on his Instagram, he can be seen with BJ Penn, and his other team members including mixed martial artist Chris Avila.

In the background, other members of Team Diaz can be seen enjoying a meal.


BJ Penn also took to Instagram to share the moment, and captioned Diaz as his "Ninja."


Diaz posts a story with BJ Penn! 

BJ Penn and Nate Diaz have been spotted together on numerous occasions in the past. Needless to say, the duo have only grown closer over the years.