WrestleMania 38: 5 Reasons Why Night 1 Was Better Than Night 2

WrestleMania 38 was a truly triumphant night for Sports Entertainment.

While Night 2 was the epitome of Entertainment, Night 1 proved that the Sports aspect of WWE was in very good hands.

Here are 5 Reasons why WrestleMania 38 Night 1 was better than Night 2.

5. Grander Entrances made it feel more like a Fight Night

Between Seth Rollins' choir & Bianca Belair's marching band, Night 1 felt more like a traditional fighting card, and it worked out in its favor.

4. Night 1 showcased the Women's Roster better

Night 1 saw 2 potential Match of the Year contenders  over the span of 40 total minutes, one of which might even break Dave Meltzer's infamous scale. 

3. Night 1 didn't have "Bad Moments"

New Day lost the match they dedicated to Big E and that was a terrible decision. Night 1 was on cruise control in comparison.

2. Night 1 had the better Main Event

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin managed to outclass The Tribal Chief's coronation with 5 moves and a lack of injury.

1. Cody Rhodes stole WrestleMania 38 weekend 4 matches into Night 1

WWE gave us the most surreal WrestleMania moment of the Modern Era, thanks to the perfect homecoming that was Cody Rhodes' WWE return.

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