WrestleMania 38: Top 5 "Holy Sh*t" Moments

Every WrestleMania has its moments, but not every moment makes you go "Holy Sh*t!"

WrestleMania 38 was an exception to this rule. Both nights had some stellar in-ring action, and moments that can change the landscape of WWE.

Here are 5 Holy Sh*t Moments from WrestleMania 38.

5. Drew McIntyre Breaks Ring in Half (Night 1)

The Scottish Psychopath lived up to his moniker when he brought Angela into play after his match with Happy Corbin.

Drew made history by becoming the 1st person to kick out of End of Days, and then cut the ring ropes to a rabid ovation.

4. Edge Cheats to Win, Debuts New Heel Stable (Night 2)

Edge pulls out a shocking victory over AJ Styles with an assist from Damien Priest, confirming rumors of a new Edge stable.

3. Vince McMahon Has A Match at WrestleMania after 12 years (Night 2)

At the age of 76, Mr. McMahon made his in-ring return, "squashing" Pat McAfee. Words can't do this moment justice; hunt it down and watch it.

2. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Wrestles & Raises Hell (Night 1 & 2)

19 years after retiring, Stone Cold raised hell on both nights of WrestleMania 38 in a genuine throwback to the Attitude Era.  Oh Hell Ya!

1. Cody Rhodes Returns to WWE after 6 Years (Night 1)

Former AEW EVP & 3x TNT Champion Cody Rhodes changed the wrestling world by returning to WWE at Night 1 in the most-surreal WrestleMania moment of all-time.

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