WWE Accuses AEW of Treating Their Women Superstars Poorly

WWE has repeatedly maintained that they don't see AEW as competition yet have constantly tried to compete with them.

WWE has criticized AEw's product for its "blood & guts" approach, calling it "gory self-mutilation" and what not.

They have vehemently counter-programmed events to oppose TK's shows.


And the Wednesday Night Wars were basically them opening the war chest to take on AEW; and fail to take them out!

But the one place where WWE can fairly critique AEW is its Women's Division.


It's no secret that AEW's Women's Division is a bit of an afterthought, with both champions playing second fiddle to the "top guys". And this drawn a reaction from WWE's biggest superstar: Big Time Becks.


Speaking with Drew Garabo, Lynch said that AEW's women's division isn't as well-represented as WWE's is, and is nowhere near to being on the same level.


This critique isn't unfounded as former AEW women's star Big Swole has accused the company of not being "diverse enough" in the past.

And while both the current TBS & AEW Women's Champions are POCs, the air-time they get is frankly atrocious; let alone the women's division.

While WWE accusing other companies of treating their performers poorly is a bit rich, they are completely right in this case. Becky Lynch is just saying what everyone is thinking; AEW needs to do better for its women.