WWE Finally Teases the Biggest Challenge of to Roman Reigns' Undisputed Titles


It looks like Roman Reigns won't be part of WWE's next Premium Live Event.


If WrestleMania Backlash taught us something, it is that Drew McIntyre can beat Roman Reigns.

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And now, it seems like Reigns vs McIntyre is finally happening.

UFC 274

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Reigns and McIntyre to meet at WWE UK: Clash at the castle

WWE is set to go to UK for one of the biggest shows in recent while.

WWE roster will perform in Cardiff, Wales at the Clash at the Castle, and the poster is giving us a lot of hints as to what WWE has planned.

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And it looks like, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns are going to be the big picture.


While Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre getting the most space on the poster certainly hints at a showdown, there are other superstars who are promoted for the event.

Edge, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair, and Edge are the other WWE Superstars. Some notable names missing includes Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar.

How excited are you about WWE Clash at the Castle? It goes down on September 3 in Cardiff, Wales.

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