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WWE Fines Ronda Rousey for Breaking the Rules in Summerslam

By: Jeron Jacob

WWE star Ronda Rousey has been penalized by WWE for attacking the referee, Dan Engler during the 2022 SummerSlam.

Ronda Rousey, also known as The Baddest Woman on the Planet, locked horns with Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women's Championship title.

During the battle, Ronda had landed her submission move and locked Liv Morgan, where later she tapped out.

However, the referee had not noticed this and the match ended. After this mistake by the referee, Ronda couldn't control her emotions.

Ronda continued her submission move on Morgan even though the match had ended. Seeing this the referee tried to stop her.

As the referee tried to stop Ronda, she attacked him by landing her submission lock on him. This incident was not taken lightly by the company.

WWE declared that Ronda has been suspended and asked to pay a fine for attacking a WWE official. The duration of the suspension is not disclosed yet.

After just making her comeback in January, Ronda is all set to miss the upcoming episodes for a couple of weeks.

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