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WWE Gave a Humiliating Punishment to Karrion Kross Before Firing Him

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits: WWE and Twitter

Karrion Kross and Scarlett recently made their WWE return on Smackdown last month by attacking Drew McIntyre.

The real-life couple received a lot of praise for their work on the NXT brand as Kross won the NXT title twice during his time there.

The duo were let go by the company back in 2021 right after they decided to call up Kross into the main roster.

Kross was repackaged right after getting making his debut on Raw last year as he was forced to wear a helmet and didn’t have Scarlett with him.

This received a lot of criticism from the fans as people thought Vince McMahon was making fun of the superstar by making him dress up like that.

Wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan believes that WWE were trying to punish the former NXT champion by taking away all the cool things that he had.

Talking to Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Sullivan said that the helmet was some sort of punishment for the superstar and he was surprised when WWE released Kross.

Kross was one of the first few people Triple H decided to bring back therefore, fans are expecting Kross to get pushed to the top. He is currently feuding with Drew McIntyre.

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