5 Times WWE gave a shout out to its previous segments during the Royal Rumble 2022 event

Summer Rae Attacking Natalya

Summer Rae made her return at the Rumble. Her focus was on Natalya as an attempt to continue their feud from Total Divas. Natalya and Summer hate each other on the show and Summer continued that feud at the Rumble.

Brie Bella eliminates Nikki Bella

Some fans were confused on why Brie eliminated her sister that is because Nikki betrayed Brie during the previous Rumble that the two were in and thus Brie wanted to get her revenge on Nikki

Bad Bunny’s  Canadian Destroyer

Bad Bunny was one of the surprise entrances at the Rumble. He hit a Canadian Destroyer on Riddle. This was a throwback to him hitting the same move on John Morrison at WrestleMania 37.

Best Friends Re-Unite

Rousey made her return at the Rumble. During the match, she had a small moment with Shayna Baszler. Both Ronda and Shayna are best of Friends

Roman hits Rollins  with a Steel-Chair

After the match ended in a DQ, Reigns grabbed a steel chair and hit Rollins on his back, this was a throwback to when Rollins hit Reigns with a steel chair the first time when the S.H.I.E.L.D broke up.


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