WWE Hall of Famer Takes a Shot at Roman Reigns and the Bloodline 

Paul Heyman is currently the Special Council for the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns and the Bloodline

The Bloodline all are holding gold on Smackdown

Before the Bloodline, Heyman was with Brock Lesnar and the Beast knows a thing or two about holding titles

Whoever is managed by Heyman, they become champions

Be it Roman Reigns, CM Punk or even the Big Show, Heyman has produced only champions

One team that Heyman managed back in the day was “Team Angle

Team Angle was the team of Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas and Sheldon Benjamin

When Haas and Benjamin were under the tutelage of Angle, the trio was managed by Heyman

The team was the 3-Man-Power-Trip for quite some time. Kurt Angle was the WWE Champion,  Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were the WWE Tag Team Champions

Sportskeeda Wrestling took to Twitter and posted a comparison of the Bloodline and Team Angle

Kurt Angle replied to it by saying that his team did it first

Twitter is a platform that gives freedom for everyone to talk trash

Kurt Angle though usually does not take shots, so it begs the question, is Angle teasing a return to WWE?

Kurt Angle has revealed earlier that WWE are interested in him returning to WWE so let’s wait and see


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