By: Jeron Jacob

WWE Legend Doesn’t Care About Bray Wyatt’s Return

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After Triple H became the head of WWE's creative team, he tried to bring back several WWE stars and is also looking to sign some new faces.

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Among these, there are rumors that WWE star, Bray Wyatt will possibly make his return to the company in the coming weeks.

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However, Wyatt's return doesn't interest former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell. According to him, there was nothing to dislike about Bray Wyatt.

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He said, "Bray Wyatt just doesn't interest me as The Fiend or as Bray Wyatt. He did nothing that made me want to boo him, nothing. He just went out there and put his hold on and beat them."

In 2021, Bray Wyatt was released by the company. During his period in WWE he won the  WWE Championship as well as the Universal Championship.

The 35-year-old has been hinting at his comeback by posting images of his time in the company on social media.

Steve Carrier mentioned that there is no confirmation by the company that they have held talks with Bray Wyatt about his potential return.

Bray Wyatt still has a lot in store to offer the company, will we be able to see him making his comeback in the upcoming weeks?

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Karrion Kross seemingly confirms Bray Wyatt is back with his latest post on photo-sharing platform, Instagram.