WWE Planning a Documentary on Cody Rhodes’ Heroic Efforts at Hell in a Cell - Reports

We might finally get our hands on what went down behind the scenes as an injured Cody Rhodes walked to the WWE ring to take on Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes competed at WWE Hell in a Cell despite tearing his pectoral muscle just a day before the premium live event.

The match further aggravated his injury, leaving Rhodes out of in-ring competition for as long as six months.

According to reports, WWE is planning a documentary on the entire episode and has filmed material for the same.

Fightful reports, WWE is planning for an eventual documentary on Cody Rhodes' heroic efforts at Hell in a Cell, and has already taken interviews and filmed material for the same.

Reports suggest that WWE allowed Cody Rhodes to compete at Hell in a Cell after knowing the extent of the injury, and the decision to walk to the ring was Cody Rhodes' alone.

Cody Rhodes' pectoral muscle was torn completely off the bone and considering there was no scope of any further damage, WWE decided to give a green signal to Rhodes.

Needless to say, Cody Rhodes' journey and his decision to fight despite the injury deserves praise. It will be interesting to see what went down behind the scenes as Rhodes prepared himself to compete with a torn pec when the documentary comes out.


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