WWE Proves Once Again It Doesn't Want Sasha Banks Anymore

It seems like nothing is getting better between the WWE and Sasha Banks as another incident shows the company is trying to distance itself from the WWE star.

Sasha Banks hasn't been on WWE TV ever since her infamous walkout from WWE RAW along with Naomi.

Since then, several reports have emerged stating Banks has been released from her WWE contract.

However, WWE has not sent out any official statement. Be that as it may, they continue to remove Banks from any promotional material.

Most recently, Sasha Banks was edited out from Paige's 2017 WWE return video on the company's official YouTube handle.

Former WWE superstar bid farewell to WWE after her WWE contract expired on July 7, earlier this month.

Needless to say, all this points towards the relationship between Sasha Banks and WWE, and it doesn't look good.

Do you think Sasha Banks will return to the WWE ring again? Or is AEW the next possible option for the former WWE Champion? Only time will tell.

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