WWE Sends Out Missing Poster for WWE Superstar

WWE is no stranger to coming up with entertaining whodunnit scenarios once in a while.

the "Who ran over austin" storyline from the attitude era immediately comes to mind.

WWE managed to stretch that one out for nearly a year, playing with fan expectations and getting Austin somehow more over than he was.


Now, it looks like they're trying to repeat that same formula; because Butch has gone missing!

The man formerly known as Pete Dunne is an exceptional in-ring performer, there is no doubt about that. Just look at this image.


But his entire gimmick was that he beat up people. Sure, the Bruiserweight was cool from an indie stand-point, but WWE is all about flashy characters & catchphrases so he was re-packaged as Butch.


To be fair to the lad, he's been getting plenty of screen time as part of "Fight Night".

And his borderline-comical portrayal of restless anger is a real delight to watch.

With WWE going so far as to put out "Missing Person" posters for him, it's going to be interesting to see where they take this story. If done right, it could make Butch a huge star. If not, well...