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WWE Star Breaks Into The Miz And Maryse's House, Things Got Ugly On Raw

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image Credits: WWE and Twitter

The Miz and Dexter Lumis storyline was taken to a whole new level on this week’s Monday Night Raw after the former NXT star broke into the Miz’s house.

Brush Stroke

Miz who was kidnapped twice by Dexter Lumis in the past weeks refused to be on this week’s edition of Raw but agreed to a sit-down interview from his home.

The A-Lister told the interview team that he is safe at his home and has security guards and alarms to protect them from Lumis who was seen lurking behind while The Miz was being interviewed.

Maryse then reminds Miz that they have a premiere to attend and the duo leaves their home. The camera then pans to Dexter Lumis who is seen sitting inside the house with a drawing of Miz’s family.

Brush Stroke

Dexter Lumis was one of the first few people to make his return to the WWE after Triple H took over as the head of creative. .

Hunter has worked with Lumis back in NXT and is surely a great addition to the roster as he is someone who is really talented and knows how to play his character with perfection.

Having Lumis work with The Miz in his first feud since returning itself is exciting as the dynamic between the two is very entertaining. Having Ciampa being around is also a major positive.

The fans are now excited to see what direction will this storyline take in the coming weeks as the two superstars are really doing a great job with their characters.

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