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WWE Star Dave Bautista Looks Unrecognizable After His Final MCU Movie

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

Former wrestler Dave Bautista made his Hollywood debut in 2014. He starred as Drax in Marvel's film Guardians of the Galaxy. After six films in nine years, he bids farewell to his role.

Bautista had said that he wants to take his acting career to the next level and has thought of saying goodbye to Drax. He wants to take on new dramatic roles, even though he is grateful to Drax.

He said, "I had to sit for hours for the makeup to transform me into Drax. It was hard playing that role, as the makeup process was exhausting to me. It wasn't pleasant at all."

In a recent Instagram post, the WWE star Batista was seen keeping a beard. It went viral as the star was seen changing his look just after his last MCU film. 

In response, fans praised the WWE legend's new look. One said, "Love this picture! Classy gentleman." 

Another fan commented, "Dave Bautista, I've been a fan since you started wrestling. But I just want to say thank you for all of your movies. I love your acting." 

Bautista retired from professional wrestling four years ago. He fought his last fight against Triple H and lost. Later, he announced his retirement and made it clear that he had no plans to return.  

Bautista is another successful pro wrestler who made it big in movies. Fans now view him more as an actor than a wrestler because of his various diverse Hollywood roles over the years.

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