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WWE Stars Are Scared After Triple H Comes in Charge

By: David Smith



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Things are changing a lot in WWE after Vince McMahon's retirement. McMahon announced retirement after his recent legal battles.

Stephanie McMahon became the Co CEO of WWE while Triple H became the Head of Creative after Vince's exit.

The WWE universe appreciated Triple H for SummerSlam 2022, which was certainly one of the best shows by WWE in recent times.

However, not all the WWE superstars are happy as Triple H is set to play a major role in WWE. Many superstars are reportedly scared for their positions.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that some superstars are worried that they would lose their spots after Triple H takes over.

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"But there are definitely people who are worried that they're gonna lose their spots, and there will be some people who will because you're gonna have different visions of who the top people are. And not everyone can be a top person,"- Dave Meltzer stated.

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Overall, the fans are happy with Triple H being in charge of WWE and they are expecting some great entertainment in the coming shows.

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What do you think about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon taking control after Vince McMahon's farewell from WWE?

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