'You Suck" - Wrestling Fans Turn Against WWE's John Cena "Wannabe" Theory 

Theory has emerged as WWE's top face in such a short period of time.

The former United States Champion became the youngest wrestler to hold the Money in the Bank contract this past week at MITB.

While one would have hoped for huge applause and cheers for the young Superstar, that wasn't the case.

Often called the "new John Cena" because of WWE's plans to make him one, Theory received quite a hostile response from WWE fans.

On the following episode of Monday Night RAW post Money in the Bank, Theory disrupted Lashley during his address to the WWE universe. 

Once again, Theory was met with boos and the reception from the crowd was very evident of what's going wrong with WWE's decision with Theory.

"You suck" chant reverberated in the entire arena as Theory addressed the WWE universe while proclaiming himself as the youngest MITB contract winner.

One thing is certain, whether it be boos or cheers, Theory is managing to get a reaction from the crowd.

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