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Who Are the Best Valorant Agents to Play on the Breeze Map for Victory




The introduction of the Breeze map has thrown Valorant players into turmoil since they must invest a significant amount of time and effort to choose the ideal strategy, as well as selecting the ideal agents to carry out the strategy.

It’s a large map with several angles and locations that, if ignored, may swing the game against you. Shroud, a streamer, thinks it’s a fun map to play on.

Despite the fact that Breeze is yet to be featured in the competitive scene, competitive players have already devised several strategies. We’ve compiled a list of the finest agents who can help you win matches rapidly.

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Duelists are simple to select. Hands down, Jett and Yoru. They are the most skilled duelists in the Breeze. Jett can utilize updraft to gain control of high ground and eliminate opponents.

You can sneak up on them and attack them from behind. The choice of additional characters is a challenge for the players, therefore we’ll go through the three agents for Breeze outside the two duelists here.

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Valorant Sova guide: arrow lineups and tips | PCGamesN

Sova is Valorant’s finest initiator, and no one can deny that. He wields arrows that disclose any enemies in its line of sight. There are large open spaces in a map like a breeze, such as the Mid area or the B Site.

One recon bolt in the correct place may provide the entire squad with a lot of information about the camping enemies. Sova is a great character for team plays With his shock Darts, he can take out foes hiding in the corners and do significant damage. Sova’s Ultimate Hunter’s Fury is an excellent weapon to use after plant.


Valorant: Dominate the Haven map with Viper | EarlyGame

The squad also includes Viper, the Poisonous Controller. Her primary powers revolve around obstructing enemy eyesight. The Toxic Screen may obscure a broad area of view, preventing opponents from gathering information about the team’s movements.

His poison cloud, which not only looks like smoke but also does a lot of damage while inside, maybe an excellent weapon for both guarding the spike and obscuring visions. It is without a doubt a winning game for the squad if a viper main learns the snakebites lineups.

Viper’s pit is always useful since it deflects damage while also blocking opponents’ view. In this map, Viper is a dangerous character. It must be included.


Riot Games and Valorant reveal cosmic abilities of new agent Astra | Games News

Another controller, Astra, You might wonder why there is a need for the additional controller in this situation. However, Astra is heavily utilised in this scene. She has a wide range of talents at her command.

These smokes are required while Retaking a site. The Gravity Well may draw opponents from the edges of the area into your firing range. You can concuss your foes, rendering them vulnerable, similar to Breach.

As a result, it will be a perfect character to promote a website. Her Ultimate Power Cosmic Divide creates a wall that not only functions as cover but also stops bullets, allowing you to effortlessly detonate a spike or plant while hiding behind this wall.

Good luck with your future map breeze encounters.

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