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Who Will Win 21 Grand Slams First – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic



Tennis has seen some of the best players. The likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have raised the standards to a much higher level. But the thing that is common among the players is the number of the Grand Slams. All the three stars stand at 20 Grand Slams each. But the question now comes, which player will come out on top and win 21 Grand slams.

Let us look at the possibilities for which player has the chance of coming out on top.

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Roger Federer

Will Roger Federer come out on top?

Roger Federer is one of the prominent names in tennis. The 20 times grand slam winner has won probably everything in tennis. With the hunt to win more, the Swiss star is still going strong. Neglecting the age factor, he has shown no signs of quitting the sport and wishes to continue. 


But a set of injuries restricted his playing time this year. Though his performances in the tournaments that he played were not to the point. It will be interesting to see when the player makes a comeback. Next year at the Australian Open, the Swiss star will have the chance to make history and become the player with the maximum number of grand slams.

What about Rafael Nadal?

The Spaniard has been undeniably the most ruthless player on the court. The former world no. 1 player also stands strong with 20 grand slams to his name. But injuries restricted him to play in the US Open this year. The king of clay also withdrew his name from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics because of injury.


It is believed that the player will make a major comeback shortly and would most certainly want to win the upcoming slams.

Novak and Grand slams?

If there’s any player who has the strongest claim to win the Grand Slam, it is Novak Djokovic. The Serbian is in the form of his life and wants to win it all and be the undisputed king in tennis. He had a fabulous year and claimed all the three grand slams (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon). Though he fell short on the US Open this year which would have made him the player with the most slams.


Next year at the Australian Open, the Serbian has the maximum chances of winning the cup and make it 21 for him. Though given the likes of the young players, it will be a serious competition for all the three players one thing we know for sure is the class they have.